Full Federal Funding for Kinship Navigator Programs Still Available

To help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, dating back to April 2020 and through September 2021, the federal government is providing 100% federal reimbursement for states, territories, and tribes operating or contracting with nonprofit providers to provide kinship navigator programs. The jurisdiction’s child welfare agency approved to operate and use federal funds under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act (i.e., Title IV-E agency) is the only agency that can apply for this reimbursement opportunity.

Full reimbursement is available for any kinship navigator services or expenses that are not covered by other federal funds. The kinship navigator program does not have to meet any evidence-based requirements but must simply provide an assurance that it is or will be evaluating its program. Learn more about the opportunity and how the Title IV-E agency can apply. There is no deadline for the application. As of July,15 states and one tribe had been approved for this flexible funding, with several other applications pending.

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