New Expanded Child Tax Credit Available to Grandfamilies

In July, eligible families began receiving monthly payments of the child tax credit which was expanded and made refundable through the American Rescue Plan Act passed by Congress in March. Many grandfamilies are eligible for these payments including those who do not earn enough to file taxes. Generations United is working with other national advocates to make the expanded tax credit permanent. Learn more about how the Child Tax Credit impacts grandfamilies from this Generations United fact sheet.

If you’re raising a grandchild, see if you qualify for advance payments of the 2021 #ChildTaxCredit from

A reminder to grandparents raising children: While no action is needed by most, #IRS has a tool to help people who don’t file tax returns register for advance #ChildTaxCredit payments. Learn more at

Grandparents may sometimes step in to care for children. If you’re raising a grandchild, you may qualify for advance monthly payments of the 2021 #ChildTaxCredit from #IRS. Learn more and see if you qualify at:

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